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Name:FF7 Drabbles -- Freeform and Community Challenges
Posting Access:All Members

[-- Welcome to the FF7 Drabbles Community! --]

This community has been created as a challenge-oriented place for FF7 drabble writers to display their completed work. This is mostly a freeform community, which means members can post drabbles of any subject, anytime, for any reason, or even issue challenges of their own.

A prompt will be issued every Thursday or Friday!

[-- What sort of drabbles are allowed? --]

- Anything FF7 (Before Crisis, Crisis Core, FF7, Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children).
- Crossovers (Any) as long as there is a dominant element from FF7 present.
- AUs (Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, etc.) as long as there is a dominant element from FF7 present.
- Any rating.

[-- Rules --]:

1) When posting a drabble, please make a new post and follow this format as closely as possible:

Subject Line of Entry: Title or Brief Summary

Challenge/Prompt: (if applies)
Characters/Pairings: (if applies)
Author's Notes:

*If something is not worksafe, please include "NSFW" in bold letters for the rating.

2) Drabbles must be limited to exactly 100 words each. (Title doesn't count.)
3) Multiple drabbles can be placed in one post. If you have more than three drabbles in one post, use a cut. Please limit your posts to one per day, to prevent flooding members' Reading Page.
4) When posting a challenge or prompt, use a subject to make it stand out: "Challenge: Cupcakes falling on the floor" or "Prompt: Cupcakes". (For clarification, "challenges" are more detailed fic requests, and "prompts" are one word.)
5) Don't worry about tagging your post. The admin will take care of that.
6) Do not link to other communities, or your own journal. Posts must be placed in this community (that way if you delete your journal, we'll still have the drabbles).
7) No flames. Constructive criticism only.
8) No spam.

Note: The admin will clean up and organize tags as needed, and will also delete posts that do not follow the above rules.

[-- Your Admin --]

Please PM [personal profile] sterling if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to become an affiliate!

[-- Your Moderators --]

[personal profile] sterling

[-- Affiliates --]

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