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Title: Dignified End
word count: 100
prompt: Shinra
characters: Rufus Shinra, in regards to his father.
rating: PG
disclaimer: Characters created by Nomura and owned by S/E.

summary: Rufus hopes he had an honourable death....

“Dignified End”


Rufus stared at the blank screen and was surprised by his emotions. He was outraged that the cameras had gone offline at the time of his father’s death. It wasn’t as though he needed closure, but he’d wanted to know if the old man had begged for mercy or died with dignity. A part of him truly hoped he’d recieved an honourable death. The idea that he’d died a hypocrite angered Rufus even more than the years of abuse and neglect. Instead he was content to think that his father was a man who’d faced  his death fearlessly.

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 Title: Last Call
prompt: 2am
rating: G
pairing/characters: Tifa, Rude, Reno, Rufus, with a dash of Renoru and vague references to RudexTifa
summay: Tifa gets wistful when she witnesses a happy couple and Rude (finally) makes his move.
warning: m/m implications
disclaimer: Characters were created by Nomura and are owned by Square/Enix.

“Last Call”


They came in at two AM. Tifa tolerated them because they tipped well and Rude was sweet to her. Tonight Rufus had come along. Strangely, he was dressed in the Turk uniform rather than his pristine white suit. He and Reno sat at a corner table. They talked softly, leaneing into each other with devouring gazes, and it was clear that they were together even if they weren’t broadcasting it. Tifa wished it could be that way between Cloud and herself.


“Hm?” Rude had asked her a question.


“Doin’ anything this weekend?”


Tifa smiled faintly, “Not really. Why?”

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 Title: Always a Turk
Challenge/Prompt: Vincent
Characters/Pairings: Vincent, Reno
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Characters create by Nomura and owned by Square/Enix
Summary: Once a Turk, always a Turk?
Author's Notes: I lost a lot of detail trying to edit it down to a 100 words. It's supposed to take place in Wutai but could be anywhere now so I let my readers use their imagination.
word count: 99

“Always a Turk”



“Vincent Valentine, ain’t you supposed to be dead?” Reno drawled.


“Clearly I’m not,” Vincent murmured.


 “What happened to you?”


Vincent turned to face him. “Come look if you’re so curious.”


Reno moved closer. Blue eyes widened, and he swore softly. He  reached to touch him, but Vincent drew away.


“You know you could come back.”


“What makes you think I’d want  to?”


“Once a Turk, always a Turk,” Reno grinned. “I’ll give you my number. If you change your mind....”


Vincent shook his head, “I made no decision. Shinra betrayed me. What if it happens again?”

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Title: #5 Tension
Prompt: tension
characters: Reno mostly
rating: PG-ish
disclaimer: Characters were created by Tetsuya Nomura and belong to Square/Enix. I am making no money off this.
summary: Ya know that scene in AC when Kadaj storm's Healin to bully Rufus about Jenova's friggin head?
author's notes: Written from first person pov (Reno's) and present tense. Ooohh....
word count: 155...I'm sorry! I tried to shave it down as much as I could. The original draft was over 200 words!

# 5 Tension



His black boot is several inches from my head, and if I could just roll over…Yeah right. Even if I could roll onto my side and grab that freak’s foot…. Sure, maybe I could trip him or twist it if I’m lucky, but I’m more likely to get my skull stomped in. Heroic, sure, but pretty fucking stupid. Better to save that shit for Cloud and his cronies.


Instead, I pretend to be down for the count and listen to Kadaj antagonize Rufus. Not that it’s any easier. But at the end of the day, a good Turk is smart not selfless. Personal sacrifice will do Rufus no favours. He’s handling Kadaj as well as anyone can deal with someone that batshit crazy. I only hope if Kadaj tries anything cute Rufus will stop playing cripple because I really don’t think me or Rude would be able to get to him in time.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 02:02 pm
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Hullo! Some of you may know me better as Iggy Lovechild. I'm slowly coming out of hiatus and shall hopefully be posting soon.

Those who do not know me, I'm a rather prolific yaoi/shounen-ai writer for the FF7 fandom (and some others but I digress). I've written for the pairings of both CloudxReno and RufusxReno, though the latter is by far my preffered subject matter.

For a walk down memory lane, or an introduction to my writing feel free to check this link out.


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