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Title: Subtle rebellion
Challenge/Prompt: #160: Razor.
Characters/Pairings: Reeve
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I own nada
Summary: Anyone note that beards don't happen often in the world of FF7?

Reeve navigated the razor carefully across his face, trimming his beard along precise lines. The President had issues with facial hair, and the compromise was always that it be 'properly maintained'. Which meant that stubble was not allowed, cut lines had to be ruler-straight, not a hair out of place.

It was, in its way, worth it. A statement that he was not in the same mold as the other department heads. There were lines. There were limits. There were rules.

Of course, none of them noticed. That was part of the point, really. It was just Reeve's little oddity...
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Welcome! ^_^

If you're visiting us for the first time, we're glad to have you. Feel free to jump in and have a go at our latest prompt. Feel free to reply to this post to suggest a one-word prompt you might like to see here.

This week's prompt is... #160: Razor.

If you're looking for ideas and you'd like to read over the definition of the word "razor", click here for Merriam-Webster's official write up.

Please follow the posting format in the official [community profile] ff7_drabbles profile, and remember to keep it to 100 words.


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