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Title: Hunting Season
Challenge/Prompt: #166 - Sky
Characters/Pairings: Reeve/Rufus
Rating: G
Warnings: Cute kittens ahoy!
Disclaimer: I own nada
Summary: You know Reeve's cure for anything would be More Kittens.
Author's Notes: So this cub has more than one tentacle. They're nearly hands!

The dark nation cub was growing well, and Rufus was wearing protective bracers while teaching it to control its tentacles properly. It had a tendency, still, to grip too hard and throttle or break whatever it tried to grab with them.

"We'll need to build it a pen soon," Reeve mused, watching Rufus' not-exactly-work. "So it can hunt on its own, under open sky."

"I know," said Rufus, almost sadly, as one of the tentacles wrapped affectionately around his protected wrist. "I'd rather go with him."

Reeve smiled. "When you're finished healing, love. Consider it our incentive program for you."
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Welcome! ^_^

If you're visiting us for the first time, we're glad to have you. Feel free to jump in and have a go at our latest prompt. Feel free to reply to this post to suggest a one-word prompt you might like to see here.

This week's prompt is... #166: Sky.

If you're looking for ideas and you'd like to read over the definition of the word "sky", click here for Merriam-Webster's official write up.

Please follow the posting format in the official [community profile] ff7_drabbles profile, and remember to keep it to 100 words.


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